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Soundcraft 1624 console for sale





Our new console replaces our Soundcraft Model 1624, which is now for sale. Here is a description of the 1624:

  • 32 microphone inputs (24 on the main frame and 8 more on a side-car), 16 outputs and 24 monitors. 24-track recording via automatic patchbay normalling.
  • Six auxiliary sends, 4-band EQ on main channels and monitor section.
  • Penny & Giles faders.
  • Two main VU meters, 16 track meters (last 8 switchable to tracks 9-16 or 17-24).
  • Built as a split-console, but modified to be used “in-line” if desired (switchable on every input). 32 mic/line plus 40 lines can be used at the same time.
  • Metal stand; full TT main patch bay; wiring (EDAC connectors) to and from 24-track recorder; wiring, ADC Ultrapatch and “christmas tree” for extra patch bay; manual and schematics.
  • Sliding plexiglas panel for notes.
  • Warm analogue British sound (preamps and EQ) built-in!

The console was bought in the eighties and we have been the sole owner. It has been carefully maintained by our technicians and is in excellent working order. You can see our “Clients” page to have an idea of the albums and television shows we recorded through it.

The Soundcraft site has an history of the 1624 series, as well as complete user guides.

Asking price is 6000 Canadian Dollars (click here for international currency conversion). The console is in Montreal, Canada and can be shipped worldwide. If you are interested, please call or email so we can discuss price and shipping.



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From Soundcraft: Series 1624

Launched in late 1979, the 1624 was conceived as ‘A 16/24 track recording console for the 1980’s’. The console continued the philosophy of the ‘Split Format’, which allowed engineer and producer to work side-by-side at the console, the producer safely experimenting with the monitor mix on the right hand side of the console, whilst the engineer concentrated on what was going to tape from the inputs on the left.
The console was built in a new modern frame, and used flat ribbon cables for the first time as bussing, rather than hard motherboards, and new types of pots and switches which were more precise in operation. New control knobs were also used, and for the first time were custom-made for Soundcraft, rather than the off-the-shelf knobs of earlier consoles.
Features were similar to the 3B, but more integrated into the main modules, so that manufacturing was easier. There was a meterbridge that appeared to ‘float’ above the console, and this only contained meters, rather than the routing switches of the 3 and 3B. The routing on the 1624 was integrated into the input modules. The output section had the most comprehensive monitor section yet, with a three band EQ with sweep mid, and a unique arrangement of floating Pan and Aux sends, which could be assigned to either the group, for subgrouping, or the monitor section, for recording.
Although the console only had 16 groups, 24-track recording was possible via automatic patchbay normalling, and an optional 24-track monitor module was available which contained 8 simple monitor returns.
Tape interface was on built-in EDAC connectors, designed to interface directly with the Soundcraft 760-Series tape machines.



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