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You can start by downloading:

- The manual for the DM2000 console, in english or in french.

- The manual for the Studio Manager software, in english or in french.

Go to the Yamaha web site, choose your language and type "DM2000". You'll find the manuals in the "DM2000 Version 2" section.


Download Studio Manager and Studio Editor (you need both), for Mac (OS 9.x or X) or PC, and then the document "DEPART.D2X" , for Mac or PC, configured for our console.

Prepare your recording (input and track assign, console labeling, compressors, gates, EQ, etc.), send us the saved session via email or write it on a CD. The morning of the recording, the console will be synchronized with your document within a few seconds.


The software, simple and user-friendly, lets you easily learn the console.







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