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After forty years, Le Studio Mobile ceases its operations 

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Le Studio Mobile is proud to have broadcast to the world the sounds of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.


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Introducing Le Studio Mobile Version 2.0


A brand new mobile: modern, spacious but compact, built from the ground up with today’s producing and engineering needs in mind.


A new truck

If you know anything at all about trucks, you’ll agree with our choice: Peterbilt stands for "Class" in the industry. No need to find a tractor, our truck is ready to travel across North America. It is the right size, small enough to fit in tight spots without any compromise for inside space.

Black but green: the truck is equipped with a new type of engine which, in combination with low-sulfur diesel fuel, reduces particulate emissions by up to 98% over the previous generation. Nitrogen-oxide emissions are cut by half.

A new truck box

Our box was custom-made by PK Van Bodies of Toronto, a leading Canadian manufacturer of custom vehicles for the television industry. It is not a standard transport box modified to become a mobile but a hand-made vehicle, built by craftsmen for our specific needs. We know production time is scarce, so we are fast and efficient and the mobile can be set up easily. No exterior stairs are needed and the truck is automatically leveled in seconds, at the touch of a button.

Inside, a new control room

Our control room is wide, high (7 1/2 feet) and spacious, with ample space for five people. The producer and engineer sit in Herman-Miller chairs and two large windows provide natural light to make those long production days more comfortable (enclosed blinds can isolate the studio from the outside light, if preferred). A wide producer’s desk for two or three people completes the room.

The consoles

Two Yamaha DM2000 VCM digital production consoles, 24-bit/96kHz, cascaded and fully automated, for a total of 192 channels. AES/EBU, optical and analog inputs and outputs. Yamaha AD8HR 8-channel preamplifiers (12, for 96 inputs), for a total of 144 microphone inputs with the consoles' built-in preamplifiers.

The monitors

Choosing the right monitors is probably the toughest decision in the long process of building a new studio. We wanted very high quality monitors that would please tough customers: audio engineers with different tastes, mixing all types of music. Thanks to the help of Sennheiser Canada, we were able to choose a KLEIN + HUMMEL 5.1 system, consisting of: three O 300 D active three-way monitors (left, center, right), two O 110 active monitors (left and right surround) and one O 800 active subwoofer. The Pro M 1012 monitor management system and its WRC 1012 remote control complete the system.

The recorders

We have five 48-track systems: four Tascam X-48 hard disk recorders and a Steinberg Nuendo system. We can simultaneously record 96 redundant tracks plus 52 more tracks on Nuendo: 244 tracks! All machines output Pro Tools compatible time-stamped broadcast waves. For those who prefer analog recording, our Studer A-80 24 tracks, with Dolby noise reduction, is still available on special order. For digital tape-based recording, our 48-track PCM-800 system is also still available.


We offer a very complete range of both analog and digital processing equipment (for a full list, click here). The preferred tools: A TC Reverb 6000 with Icon remote and a Waves Maxx BCL compressor, limiter and psycho-acoustic bass controller.


The whole system was designed for audio-for-video production and post-production. The Nuendo recorder can handle video as well as audio. A 42” high-definition 1080p plasma display (with HD-SDI input) provides great images for everyone in the room.


More than ever, Le Studio Mobile is ready for any location recording job, anywhere in North America.



About our services


In its 30th year of operation, Le Studio Mobile is recognized across Canada as a leader in location recording. A complete recording studio on wheels, efficient and experienced, Le Studio Mobile specializes in multitrack recording (for radio, television, CDs and DVDs) and live mixing of music shows or special events.

Le Studio Mobile covers all of North America, from Los Angeles to Newfoundland. As we travel to different locations with different artists, we have the privilege of working with the best sound engineers, many of them Gemini, Adisq, Emmy, Grammy and Juno award winners.





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